Maggie Throup (MP) joins us at Grange Primary School

It was a Friday morning and we were desperately checking our weather apps and praying for it not to rain. Why you may ask? Well, we had been tasked with showcasing Steps 2 Summit to Maggie Throup (Erewash MP who works in the Department for Health and Social Care) at Grange Primary School. This would involve taking her on the long trek with a class of Year 6 children and we wanted her to have the full effect of seeing their amazing course in action – minus adverse weather!

Thoughts of dodgy camera work, child consent filming forms and crackly microphones were soon banished; when we caught up with the class we had been so involved with last year.

As Julie legged it from one filming position to another, carefully getting footage of Maggie (but not those children who could not be filmed), Helen got the full effects of an invigorating morning walk with lovely company. Something that hit home again was how the adults and children automatically switch into that lovely state of relaxation and naturally chat away about anything and everything – ranging from guide camp to ambitions of being an author.

After our brisk 1km walk (by which time Julie needed medical attention,) we accompanied the children back into class, rosy cheeked and ready for a maths challenge. Something which really impressed Maggie was the way in which the children were straight back on task and ready to learn. As their distance was added to their mountain journey on the whiteboard, one child asked whether they could count other steps they had done outside of school, leading to…

“If I wear my Fitbit can I count the steps on that?”

“When will we be able to count our journey to school?”

To see the children still so engaged in the project in its second year and keen to maximise on opportunities to add to their distance, was to us, a mark of success.

Having watched the Grange media team Steps 2 Summit film, Maggie was impressed with how Steps 2 Summit brought together all aspects of learning, alongside important life skills. “Steps 2 Summit is amazing as it is incorporating the keeping fit side of things with learning.”

She was also very positive about the competitive element which Steps 2 Summit can foster.

In her interview with the children, Maggie voiced her support of the Steps 2 Summit project.

“By you climbing your mountains, bit by bit, it’s making your body fit and your mind fit and it’s helping your learning. You’re doing just the right things here at Grange School.”

All in all a successful day at the office!

  • No rain
  • No non-filmable children in shot
  • Showcase of Steps 2 Summit in action
  • Working microphone
  • Health and Social Care MP on board with Steps 2 Summit and ready to spread the word

Even after two and a half years, we are still as passionate as ever about the Steps 2 Summit project and it’s really rewarding to see other people sharing our vision.