Steps 2 Summit

The whole school program to improve the
physical, social and mental health of children.

The Challenges

Primary Schools

7 Summit Challenge

Infant Schools

The Big Adventure

Junior Schools

The Famous Four
Chloe Mills, PE Lead
How Does It Work?

Increasing and Recording Activity



Training Videos

Whole Class Activity

Dan Hill, PE Lead
How Does It Work?

Getting Inspired

What can we learn from adventurers

Getting Inspired

Steps 2 Summit is the solution...

Get children more active FIND OUT HOW
Increase resilience FIND OUT HOW
Increase aspirations FIND OUT HOW
Improve carbon footprint FIND OUT HOW

Increasing Aspirations

Increasing Aspirations
Rachel Boswell, Headteacher
How Does It Work?

Developing Summiteer Skills

Seamlessly developing key character skills

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