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What unit do we use to measure the children's activity?

Do we need to mark out a course?

What activity can be recorded?

How do we record activity?

Who can track the activity?

How can you prove the impact of Steps 2 Summit?

What does a Trek account give me?

Who can open a Trek account?

Can I upgrade my Trek account to a school account without losing my data?

Where do we get the scanners from?

Alps Expedition Pack

Scanner   £249

Alaska Expedition Pack

Scanner Lanyard   £449

Andes Expedition Pack

Scanner Lanyard   £649

Himalayas Expedition Pack

Scanner Lanyard   £849

How do we ensure Steps 2 Summit participation doesn't drop off?

How can I use the accompanying curriculum lessons?

What are summiteer skills?

Why Steps 2 Summit?

Can we purchase Steps 2 Summit as a one-off payment?

How can parents and families get involved?

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