A term of different hats!

It's been a funny old term, we seem to have spent our time wearing a variety of different hats (metaphorically!)

We have been...

School advisors (of the friendly variety!)

Visiting some of our local schools to advise on the setting up of the project has been really interesting. It has actually helped to inform how we can support schools which are further afield. It led to the creation of user guides for some of the practical elements of the system. The 'Steps2Summit implementation' guide also grew from these meetings. We felt that it was really important to try and alleviate any additional stress or panic by showing that not everything has to be done at once. In our experience, the most successful schools implemented the project one phase at a time which is what the guide aims to do.

Virtual guest speakers

We are incredibly proud of ourselves for mastering the art of delivering a virtual staff meeting without technical hitches. We were reassured that our friends at a school in Kent were all nodding along in agreement, as we spoke about the implementation and benefits of Steps2Summit.

Social media administrators

Our little Facebook Steps2Summit group is gradually growing in numbers and it has been a great way of offering tips and support. We are looking forward to seeing how our project 19/20 schools develop as the year progresses.


Planning a set of 'what's your Everest' lessons to promote thinking about aspirations and the delivery of a 'big adventure' launch assembly took us back to our comfort zone. We are looking forward to these lessons being available to download after Christmas, just in time for those New Year's resolutions.

All in all a successful, if diverse terms work. It's now time to make Christmas magically happen, now where did I put that Santa hat?